• VISION statement

    "I believe we can bring Camas to it's full potential as a place of community with nurtured common interests, affordability, and a safe place to live.

    The culmination of my professional, personal experiences, and a “get er’ done” attitude will bring new insight to the council.

    I am a Gulf War veteran, a professional who has worked at NASA and also lived and worked overseas for a number of years. I’ve effectively communicated with many personalities and peoples of different backgrounds to complete projects on time and under budget.

    Adding depth to the Council with my experience in project management and data analysis should especially assist with growth planning. I will champion quality growth which comes from careful planning so as not to lose the reason why people move to Camas in the first place.

    As a home, car owner and resident in the Gorge 12 years, I believe processes and manpower should be scrutinized before additional property taxes or new license fees are instituted. The "needs should be given a closer look, than the "wants". Let’s first make our current infrastructure meet the highest standards before we raise taxes.

     I sincerely thank you for your vote!"


    • Served as a U.S. Navy aviation electronics technician during the Gulf War. 
    • Honorably Discharged 1992

    "Acquired leadership, teamwork and management skills working as a contracted supervisor at NASA Ames. Traveled the world with our team in support of various projects.”

  • INSITU INC. (Boeing) | Manager

    "Worked as a data analysis manager analyzing unmanned aircraft crashes.  I hired and managed personnel and acquired project management and data analysis skills as manager of this group."

  • OverSeas U.S. Contractor

    "Lived and worked in the United Kingdom as a U.S. Government contractor for 10+ years. While there, I learned to negotiate, plan work and timelines with UK nationals."

  • community service

    Clark County Veterans Advisory Board (CCVAB)

    Board member for the CCVAB. We manage a $600,000 + yearly budget, providing emergency relief to qualified veterans and their families. Board members use Clark County Council approved guidelines to determine dollar amount and amount of money to be given to qualified recipients. CCVAB works alongs side Clark County Veterans assistance center and many other organizations. 


    VFW post 4298 is a very effective organization in the Camas community winning many state awards. Our Core Values are:

    • Always put the interests of our members first.
    • Treat donors as partners in our cause.
    • Promote patriotism.
    • Honor military service.
    • Ensure the care of veterans and their families.
    • Serve our communities.
    • Promote a positive image of the VFW.
    • Respect the diversity of veteran opinions.
  • education

    • Embry Riddle Aeronautical College - Worldwide Campus - Associates - Professional Aeronautics
    • University of Maryland - University College European Division - Associates - Business Management

    None at this time but I intend to earn your trust and your vote!


    "Project Management Institute ( PMI ) is an international organization advancing the professional field of project management. It does this by setting standards, through certified education and development, and by conducting research and professional conferencing.”