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Camas City Council | Ward 1 Position 1

"It's of paramount importance to plan for the future while being fiscally responsible with tax payer dollars and property. I will champion quality growth through careful planning which preserves the small town essence of Camas and the reason people choose Camas as their home. To be clear, I do not support a $78 million dollar community center as it is currently proposed.

-Shannon Roberts | Candidate | U.S. Veteran

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"Let's get this done!" - Shannon Roberts

camas city council

ward 1 position 1


  • The responsibilities of a Camas city council member generally involve determining city government and administration policies, as well as adopting budgets and legislation. 
  • City council members are public officials elected or appointed to represent a ward or district of a city as the municipal governing body typically known as a city council.

Daily Tasks

  • Deciding policy is a big part of the time spent in committee, subcommittee meetings and workshops.
  • City council members also look forward to spending time listening to citizens and representatives of groups affected by city government during Ward meetings. Viable changes to policy come from citizens speaking up and I'm hear to listen and learn.

"It's not that hard, together we can do this..." - Shannon Roberts

The Importance of Community

How I care about my Camas

While living in Camas I've experienced a genuine caring from people I've encountered. They care about others and about our city. They care about where the city is headed and so do I.  

The historical aspect of our city matters to me. Not forgetting our roots and not losing sight of the things that make our city unique are essential for future generations. Remembering one’s heritage is wrapped up in who we are .

Community is our city’s life blood, which  is basically about quality of life, quality of life for everyone! This means keeping housing affordable, keeping property taxes low, and being realistic in growth planning. 

We are a jewel in the Pacific Northwest and poorly managed growth can literally wipe out all semblance of the city we love in as little as 10 years.

Let’s take our time and get this right.

"Are you sure there's not a better way?" - Shannon Roberts